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The Extreme Pendulum  is an activity in which the participants, provided with special harnesses, hang from a gantry, are hoisted to a high point where they activate a release system, at which point they fall vacuum for a few seconds, then the cables make them enter a large pendulum where they swing for a few minutes.

I felt like Superman flying!  What a vertigo! Incredible lots of adrenaline !! The wonderful view of Tibasosa from the top, I felt like I was flying" -  J. Rodriguez-Neiva 


This attraction requires a moderate consumption of energy for its operation.


Equipment and spare parts:

Imported and certified Delta wing harnesses

Carabiners, helmets and straps


High!!! This game is fast but forceful, free fall from a height of 20m to enter a fast pendulum that decreases until it stops, the duration is approximately 4min .


30 people per hour

Shifts: 10 shifts of up to 3 people

Minimum 2 instructors  

Age Range: 10 years and up, limitations due to harness size and special health conditions.



In this game, up to 3 people can enjoy the flight, which can last approximately 5 minutes. 

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