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Rope Courses is an activity in which the participants, provided with harnesses and special straps, are hooked to a mobile security system that accompanies them and keeps them safe throughout the whole tour. They will be able to cross different types of bridges, balance, climb laterally, etc.  

"Great! I felt  like a Ninja Warrior" - J. Rodriguez-Cali 


"What a vertigo! Incredible lots of adrenaline!!!"  - Alejandra Pena 


"During some challenges I was scared but the instructor encouraged me and I did it" -  Juan C. Martinez

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- This attraction does not require energy for its operation

- Due to the security of the system only  1 instructor is needed per level

- The design of this attraction allows later modifications; expand laterally and/or vertically

- Los  can be replaced

steps and challenges

- The design of the platforms allows the participants  not to be blocked if someone

does not want to continue



Exciting and challenging! 


Children, adolescents and adults who seek intense emotions. In the Aerial Circuits at a considerable height, balance, strength, confidence and coordination are tested in a safe way!


Required Age:
Level 1: up to 6 years
Levels 2 and 3: 7 years and older

Limitations based on body height
and health conditions


*Capacity depends on attraction tours.

Taking as reference the Air Circuit of the video. It has a capacity of 100 to 150 people per hour, with a triple height,

9m height max.

The first level is for children including 7 routes. The second and third level consist of 12 routes each. All with different steps and challenges.

 Very high security system complying with international standards UNE-EN-795-1997, EN-10002-1 and BS-EN-364:10993

Shifts:  3 shifts of 20 min per hour

Maximum capacity: 60 people per shift




This Adventure activity can have different amounts of challenges and can be done with 1, 2 or 3 floors, depending on the available space.

The challenges can be

changed over time.

The security system complies with

international standards

and is certified.

Low operating costs by needing only 1 or 2 operators per level.

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