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The Extreme Pendulums or Giant Swings  are an activity in which the participants, provided with special harnesses, hanging from a gantry, are hoisted to a high point. They or the instructor then activate a release system, at which point they fall into the void for a few seconds. After this "free fall", the cables make them enter a large pendulum where they swing for a few minutes.

I felt like Superman flying!  What a vertigo! Incredible lots of adrenaline !! The wonderful view of Tibasosa from the top, I felt like I was flying" -  J. Rodriguez-Neiva 


These adventure attractions, such as the Extreme Pendulums or Giant Swings, require moderate energy consumption for their operation.


Equipment and spare parts:

Imported and certified Delta wing harnesses

Carabiners, helmets and straps


High!!! This game is fast but forceful, free fall from a height of 20m to enter a fast pendulum that decreases until it stops. Approximate duration: 4min.


Children, adolescents and adults seeking intense emotions.

 Required age: From 10 years and up. Further limitations due to body height

and health conditions.


30 people per hour

Shifts: 10 shifts of up to 3 people

Minimum 2 instructors  

Age Range: 10 years and up, limitations due to harness size and special health conditions.



The Extreme Pendulums or Giant Swings are adventure attractions  with a high level of adrenaline. Our system includes structures  and foundations specially designed for this activity with their corresponding efforts.

It has a double pendulum line  (one for work  and another for additional safety),

in the same way the harnesses have double

independent hitch.

Electric security system and

lifting mechanic.

Thanatos Holds also provides maintenance, training and instructor training

for these activities.

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